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Meet the new breed of fat cat: the university vice-chancellor | Aditya Chakrabortty

 Students’ bumper fees are helping fund big pay rises for university bosses.
How big was your pay rise last year? Statistics show that most of us scored somewhere between non-existent and paltry. Unless, that is, you were the boss of a British university.
Try these figures out for… http://pakedu.net/world-education/meet-the-new-breed-of-fat-cat-the-university-vice-chancellor-aditya-chakrabortty/ Continue reading

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Are university degrees an expensive mistake?

 Students at Soas protest at government plans to sell off loan debts to private companies.
It’s no surprise a growing number of parents are worried their kids’ degrees were an expensive mistake. Once upon a time students could rely on their degree to give them a leg-up to a… http://pakedu.net/world-education/are-university-degrees-an-expensive-mistake/ Continue reading

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Want to hire creative risk-takers? Doctoral graduates could be the answer

 Better training means doctoral graduates can now stand out from the crowd in the race for jobs
Not so long ago I heard a recruiter from a major financial institution bemoan the lack of creativity and research skills of graduates, but add in the same breath that they didn’t recruit… http://pakedu.net/world-education/want-to-hire-creative-risk-takers-doctoral-graduates-could-be-the-answer/ Continue reading

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How to make sure you don’t choose the wrong postgraduate course

 Do your research and visit universities to make an informed decision about where to study.
You’re investing time and money into postgraduate study, so you don’t want to end up on a master’s programme that’s not right for you.
To avoid finding yourself doing a… http://pakedu.net/world-education/how-to-make-sure-you-dont-choose-the-wrong-postgraduate-course/ Continue reading

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Graduates and ‘dead-end’ jobs used to be a match made in heaven

 A relaxed graduate … Nina Stibbe.
I read the other day that graduate jobs are to increase significantly this year. This is a relief after all the articles about graduates not even getting interviews and having to work in shops and cafes for years before stepping foot on the c… http://pakedu.net/world-education/graduates-and-dead-end-jobs-used-to-be-a-match-made-in-heaven/ Continue reading

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Checks on students undermine trust | @guardianletters

 ’A pernicious new turn took place in 2012 when London Metropolitan University lost its “highly trusted sponsor” status, to catastrophic effect for students in the middle of their courses,’ write Mette Berg, Nicola Pratt and 160 others. Photograph: Gavin Rodgers/Rex… http://pakedu.net/world-education/checks-on-students-undermine-trust-guardianletters/ Continue reading

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Home computers to help scientists assess climate role in UK’s wet winter

 Flooded town of Northmoor Green in Somerset, where almost all residents have been evacuated.
Citizen scientists can help to solve a critical question raised by England’s wettest winter in at least 250 years: was climate change to blame?
Spare home computer time lent to researchers at… http://pakedu.net/world-education/home-computers-to-help-scientists-assess-climate-role-in-uks-wet-winter/ Continue reading

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