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4 nominated on 1st SSC first Search and Scrutiny Committee including,

PESHAWAR (APP): The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Friday appointed four members on the first Search and Scrutiny Committee including, a former Chief Secretary, former interim Information minister, a retired judge and an advocate of the Supreme Court, said a notification of the Establishment… http://pakedu.net/pakistani-education-news/4-nominated-on-1st-ssc-first-search-and-scrutiny-committee-including/ Continue reading

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Decline and fall of students sent down: from the archive, 6 March 1964

 The students’ common room at the University of Sussex, 1964.
Goldsmith, Johnson, and Shelley were all, in their day, part of what is now called the problem of waste. They all left university without a degree. It is in a way an academic distinction to be sent down, like Goldsmith,… http://pakedu.net/world-education/decline-and-fall-of-students-sent-down-from-the-archive-6-march-1964/ Continue reading

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Online indicators for next revolts

  Crowds protesting in Kiev: The next revolution is being forecast by online data Online activism can be an accurate indicator of where revolutions might take place next, according to University of Manchester research.

Argentina, Georgia, the Philippines and Brazil are claimed to be most… http://pakedu.net/world-education/online-indicators-for-next-revolts/ Continue reading

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Domestic violence on campus: face up to the truth

 Domestic violence can happen to anyone, including students, writes a blogger.
When you think of domestic violence, what image springs to mind? I bet you don’t picture a seemingly sociable student in a university hall of residence.
It took me a long time to work out if I really wanted… http://pakedu.net/world-education/domestic-violence-on-campus-face-up-to-the-truth/ Continue reading

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Teacher defends balloon art course

The government is to end funding for 5000 courses which it claims are not valued by employers. The department’s £200 million adult skills budget will be redirected towards what it described as more “relevant qualifications”. Lucy Hennessey, a balloon artistry teacher told BBC … http://pakedu.net/world-education/teacher-defends-balloon-art-course/ Continue reading

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GCSE English in low grades shock

The results follow a row over GCSE English exam results in 2012 which led to thousands of papers being re-graded Head teachers from across Wales have raised concerns over the “unexpectedly low” results for GCSE English language exams sat earlier this year.

The Association of School… http://pakedu.net/world-education/gcse-english-in-low-grades-shock/ Continue reading

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‘Give heads time’ to improve schools

 Ofsted focuses attention on struggling schools Heads who take on failing schools should be given more time to turn them around, the Association of School and College Leaders says.

This would “lessen the threat of career suicide” that discourages good leaders from taking up… http://pakedu.net/world-education/give-heads-time-to-improve-schools/ Continue reading

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