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New York taxes rich to teach young

Catching snowflakes in Harlem: New York wants to catch up on the lack of pre-school places New York’s richest are going to have to pay for some of New York’s youngest, under new Mayor Bill de Blasio’s flagship plan for more pre-school places.

The proposed tax on those earning… http://pakedu.net/world-education/new-york-taxes-rich-to-teach-young-3/ Continue reading

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Where the only rule is ‘be cool’

Coding clubs are springing up worldwide: Hour of Code event in Michigan, US How did coding get so cool?

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t always that way. Being able to speak to computers in their own language wasn’t the best way to impress at parties.
But in a world of digital… http://pakedu.net/world-education/where-the-only-rule-is-be-cool/ Continue reading

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Call for ‘year off’ so schools can search their souls | Joanna Moorhead

 Headmaster Gary Lewis with students at Kings Langley school. SMSC and the ‘soul’ of a school are crucially important to education, he says.
There aren’t many headteachers who would tell a meeting of prospective parents that it would be fine for their child to get a B… http://pakedu.net/world-education/call-for-year-off-so-schools-can-search-their-souls-joanna-moorhead/ Continue reading

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Mental health cuts ‘risk lives’

The charities say early intervention programmes save money in the longer term Six mental health organisations in England are warning that NHS cuts are putting lives at risk.

It comes as figures reveal that early intervention schemes to help young mental health patients have been reduced over… http://pakedu.net/world-education/mental-health-cuts-risk-lives/ Continue reading

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Why the Great War still fascinates the young

Passchendaele 1917: How should the legacy of the Great War be remembered? There has always been a strong, evocative connection between schools and World War One.

It might be because many of the soldiers who fought were little older than schoolchildren, almost stepping from the playground to the… http://pakedu.net/world-education/why-the-great-war-still-fascinates-the-young/ Continue reading

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AUDIO: Tired students fear ‘missing out’

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View the original article here
http://pakedu.net/world-education/audio-tired-students-fear-missing-out/ Continue reading

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Claim that DfE opposed Clegg free school meals pledge is ‘utter balls’

 Nick Clegg and his wife, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez take part in a healthy eating class at a school in Glasgow.
The normally measured Liberal Democrat schools minister David Laws has blasted as “utter balls” claims by the former special adviser to Michael Gove that the… http://pakedu.net/world-education/claim-that-dfe-opposed-clegg-free-school-meals-pledge-is-utter-balls/ Continue reading

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