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Language learning: what motivates us?

“Where’s your name from?”
I wasn’t expecting to be the subject of my interview with John Schumann, but the linguistics professor had picked up on my Persian surname. Talking to me from California, where he is one of the world’s leading academic voices on language… http://pakedu.net/world-education/language-learning-what-motivates-us/ Continue reading

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Tuition fees: teetering on the brink | Editorial

It is generally assumed that when Nick Clegg dies, or if his Liberal Democrats suffer a comparable fate at the May 2015 election, the words “tuition fees” will be found engraved on his heart. But now it seems he won’t be alone. On the latest calculations, the whole system of… http://pakedu.net/world-education/tuition-fees-teetering-on-the-brink-editorial/ Continue reading

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From secret school to Afghanistan’s future

Shabana Basij-Rasikh has set up a college to train women leaders in Afghanistan Running your own leadership college at the age of 24 would be pretty impressive by any standards.

But Shabana Basij-Rasikh, who set up the women’s college in Kabul in Afghanistan, has been driven by her own… http://pakedu.net/world-education/from-secret-school-to-afghanistans-future/ Continue reading

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Student houses: mouldy, rat-infested and expensive

 A quarter of students have vermin in their private student accommodation, finds the National Union of Students.
Woodlice in the bathroom and mould on the walls – for many students this is what decorates their home.
A new report by the National Union of Students (NUS) reveals that over t… http://pakedu.net/world-education/student-houses-mouldy-rat-infested-and-expensive/ Continue reading

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Welsh pupils disadvantaged by lack of foreign language options

 An all-party parliamentary meeting has been told of the growing concern about foreign language provision in Wales.
The decline in modern foreign languages in Wales is a social exclusion issue, according to the director of the Welsh national centre for languages (CILT Cymru).
“In… http://pakedu.net/world-education/welsh-pupils-disadvantaged-by-lack-of-foreign-language-options/ Continue reading

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Kill Bill: why we must take Shakespeare out of the classroom

 Plays are meant to be explored on their feet; actors and audiences are supposed to argue over meaning, word and deed.
Shakespeare wrote to put money in his pocket, food on the table and fire in the bellies of his audiences, not strike modern teenagers with fear. Most of… http://pakedu.net/world-education/kill-bill-why-we-must-take-shakespeare-out-of-the-classroom/ Continue reading

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Sexism in schools ‘holding female teachers back from becoming heads’

 Tristram Hunt MP says that a spotlight must be shone wherever sexism prevents female school teachers from becoming headteachers
Everyday sexism redolent of Britain in the seventies is holding back the appointment of talented female headteachers in England’s schools, the shadow… http://pakedu.net/world-education/sexism-in-schools-holding-female-teachers-back-from-becoming-heads/ Continue reading

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